Right of withdrawal / Return of non-defective product

If the customer is an individual (consumer) who plans to make personal use of the purchase and not to use it for any professional activity, then they are entitled to withdraw from the sale within 14 calendar days, which start from the delivery of the product (to the customer or to the carrier indicated by the latter), returning the product to its original condition, bearing the cost of return and any reduction in the value of the products.

Returns are not possible for the following product categories: a) seasonal products, after the end of the season, b) underwear, socks and swimwear for hygiene and safety reasons.

Any other product can be returned as long as it is in its original condition, intact, complete, without any damage, and returned within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order. Product labels must not have been removed or worn, washed, or used in any way other than necessary testing of the product. In case that the product you return is found to have been damaged or altered in a way that is not the result of any handling necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the product, the amount to be returned to you will be reduced by the amount of the reduction of the value of the product (see below in the term consequences of withdrawal).

Ways of exercising the right of withdrawal:

You have the right to withdraw from the sale of non-defective products, exclusively within a period of 14 calendar days, by returning the product in its original condition. This right is valid from the day of receipt of these instructions in writing, but not before the delivery of the products. The return of the products within 14 calendar days or the sending of the declaration of withdrawal accompanied by the return of products, will be considered a timely exercise of the right of withdrawal. In any case, in order for the return to be accepted, the product must be accompanied by a receipt for the order. The withdrawal statement shall be sent in writing to the following details:

  • With a registered letter to the sole proprietorship “FOTIOS KARATZIOTIS”, based in Thessaloniki (28 M. Alexandrou, Ampelokipi 56123) find here a sample withdrawal form)
  • or by email to the email address: [email protected] (here is a sample withdrawal form)

Fill in the required information directly on the form, sign it and send it in one of the aforementioned ways.

The products are returned at the customer’s expense to the address: Fotios Karatziotis, Meg. Aleksandrou 28-Ampelokipoi, Postal Code 56123, Thessaloniki.

Consequences of withdrawal

In the event of a valid exercise of the right of withdrawal, any reduction in the value of the goods, as well as any benefits arising from this reduction, should be restored with monetary compensation, only in the case and to the extent that it is due to the handling of the product which goes beyond the usual testing of products other than that which is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the product. The usual testing and handing of the product in order to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the product is equivalent to the examination of the relevant goods, as it may have been done in a physical store.

The customer is chargeda the return costs and any impairment of the value of the product, for the determination of which PRINOS is explicitly reserved until the receipt of the returned goods. If the product is received and checked for any impairment of its value, any monetary liability to it (eg delivery, price) in the way in which this payment was made by the customer will be refunded to the customer, unless otherwise agreed with them. The refund obligation will be fulfilled without undue delay and within 14 calendar days from the return of the product.

The right of withdrawal of the provisions of law 2251/1994 does not apply:

  • In cases that the products have been used. Any. of the following is considered use of the product: sewing, washing, ironing, cutting, placing components or additional materials or parts on the product, etc.
  • In cases that the delivered products are not suitable for return as soon as they are unsealed for health reasons or for hygiene reasons (eg underwear, socks, swimwear, etc.).
  • In seasonal products after the end of the season.

Reduction in product value – value return

The consumer may be burdened with the reduction of the value of a product, if the they have handled it in a way that exceeds the acceptable testiing they would do in a physical store to check its nature, characteristics and the way it works. In case of valid exercise of the right of withdrawal and provided that the product has been returned to PRINOS, the customer will receive a credit note equal to the sale price, which will be repaid by PRINOS in the same manner that the customer made the payment, unless otherwise agreed with the customer, without culpable or unjustified delay. PRINOS will refund any payment received within 14 calendar days from the day on which it was informed of the decision to withdraw from the contract. PRINOS is entitled to refuse a refund until the product is returned to it or until the consumer provides proof that they have sent the product, whichever arrives first. PRINOS is entitled to deduct from the refunded amount the return costs, which are borne by the customer as well as any compensation in case of destruction, damage or damage to the product or impairment of the value of the product due to customer actions, which usually amounts to 20 % of the original selling price (and not any discount or offer price). PRINOS is entitled to claim in any legal way any amount that was damaged (indicatively, either with respect to return costs or with destruction, wear or damage, impairment of the value of the product, etc.).